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2019 - A View of Another Year

Our valued Clients, Contractors and Consultants

The Covey team, would like to thank you for your ongoing support over the previous 12 months with the past year being another busy time.Our staff have been involved in numerous exciting projects and we expect that our current projects will be keeping us busy throughout the coming year.


University of Sunshine Coast

Covey Associates has provided the civil and structural engineering services for the University of the Sunshine Coast's energy project that uses 6,000+ solar panels to power a 4.5 megalitre "water battery" that is cutting grid energy use at the Sunshine Coast campus by up to 40%.

The water in the thermal storage tank is kept chilled using the 2.1 megawatts of power generated by the panels and removes heat from the campus air-conditioning system through a heat exchange plant.



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Hong Kong Presentation

Covey Associates has been collaborating with a highly respected consultancy on an innovative water quality improvement project in Hong Kong.

Our partners, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), invited Kevin Covey and Dr Chris Walker to present at the 8th IWA-ASPIRE Conference in Hong Kong during November of this year. The presentation was very well attended, with the conference having over a thousand attendees.

Covey Associates looks forward to continuing our collaboration with the HKPC to provide novel solutions to water quality issues worldwide.

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North Lakes Office

Our North Lakes Office has been operating for the past couple of years and has continued to grow in staff numbers and workload. 

As the Office Manager, Aaron Traynor is successfully procuring further projects to ensure a very bright future in the Moreton Bay region for the company.

In addition to the normal workload, we have merged an existing business, previously known as Hendriks House (Caboolture) Pty Ltd, into the operations of Covey Associates as well as incorporating the existing staff members into the Covey Team.

We have at present moved our North Lakes office to 260 Morayfield Road, Morayfield.

North Lakes staff

We welcome Rebecca Saltmarsh, Michael Culling, Brian Ho, Nerolie Bampton into our North Lakes/Morayfield Office.



Lock & Weir - Pelican Waters

The lock and weir is the second structure of its type to be built at Pelican Waters estate. The first lock and weir was built almost 15 years ago in the northern section of Pelican Waters.

Lock Weir

The lock and weir is a structure to enable a perched lake to be constructed on one side of the canal and be tidal on the other. This enables water craft to enter from the perched canal side to enter the lock and this structure lowers or raises the boat to the same level on the tidal side to allow access to Pumicestone Passage and ultimately the ocean off Caloundra.

The lock and weir structure cost is approximately $5.5M. Piling and Foundation work has commenced on the lock and weir with works expected to be completed September 2020.


High Efficiency Sediment (HES) Basins

Covey Associates has utilised High Efficiency Sediment (HES) basin technology on several of our projects.

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This approach complies with the Queensland State Planning Policy and achieves best practice in managing risks on construction sites. The traditional sediment basins (Type D basins) are much larger than HES basins and have further increased in size as a consequence of changes to best practice management. These basins can incur significant cost, primarily associated with maintenance and treatment.

Coveys has used HES basins to not only treat turbid water, but also for pH correction. In some of our more recent projects, we have utilised this hybrid approach to manage site runoff and groundwater more effectively. This is particularly important for projects in low-lying, coastal areas. Covey Associates has a team of highly skilled CPESCs and we would be happy to assist with your project needs.

Kelley Covey Group - Tamworth News

Kelley Covey Group this year have opened an office in Armidale located in 128 Dangar Street, Armidale. 

This area has seen an increased number of projects and has necessitated having staff in the Armidale area to under take the ever growing demand for quality engineering services.

A warm welcome is extended to our latest staff members - June Hao and Jay Patel to our Civil Division.

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This year marked the 15 Year Anniversary of Damian Cook. We congratulate him on his service to the Kelley Covey Group and look forward to many more years to come.

Well done Damian.

Remote Controlled Greyhound Lure Innovation - Safe Chase Lure

In 2000, Kelley Covey Group (Tamworth Office) undertook a project to redesign greyhound racing starting boxes for Greyhound Racing NSW.  Covey Associates engaged Steriline Racing to develop and manufacture the redesigned greyhound racing starting boxes.  For the past 19 years, Covey Engineers and Steriline Racing have been working collaboratively to provide safe, reliable and high-quality infrastructure of the thoroughbred and greyhound racing industry in Australia and internationally.

Covey have designed several thoroughbred and greyhound racecourse around Australia and throughout the world. When designing greyhound tracks Covey engineers discovered that the only options for the lure was an outdated, inefficient and potentially dangerous system. In partnership with Steriline Racing they decided to create a new lure system that would be able to fit to existing tracks. Over the past 7 years Covey Associates and Steriline Racing have been developing a new type of greyhound lure to help bring the industry to the 21st century.

The lure addresses key challenges facing the greyhound industry which include; animal welfare, OH&S of operators, operating costs, reliability and activism. The lure uses modern battery technology in conjunction with lightweight motors and drives to achieve the extraordinary requirements to match/beat the impressive greyhound dog speed.

The Covey-Steriline Lure (Safe Chase) system is able to brake and reverse which the old system was never able to do. It removes the need for a 3-phase 415v 45kw motor pulling a lure with a long steel cable running around the inside of the track along hundreds of guide rollers. It is now self-contained and runs along the existing rail with very low maintenance and operation costs which is a clear winner for all issues but especially OH&S issues.

For more information on the Safechase Greyhound Racing Lure visit -

Staff News 2019

A warm welcome is given to Lena Ivanoff, Molly Lyall and Kylie Hagger who have all joined the ever growing Maroochydore office.


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